The Dish Cafe – Daniels, WV

The Story

On the road again: we take off from Pittsburgh in order to participate in the Asheville Marathon in Asheville, NC. Anticipating a 8 hours long drive from Pittsburgh down to Asheville, we decided to stop half-way. Our online research and investigation efforts lead us to stop in Daniels, WV. We discovered a cozy nice place, the Dish Cafe. Once we unpacked, we decided to go in this place, we were not aware that we were about to discover a real gem in West Virginia.

When we arrive, our waitress welcomed us and recommended some good drinks among the selection. We tried the local beers and wine that were good and really affordable (about $5 per glass or beer). Then, we looked at the menu, and, as she likes pork, we choose the roasted porketta with a side of asparagus and added sweet potato fries. It comes pretty quickly and we discovered a really good bread with tasty ingredients.

After discussing with the owner, it appears that most ingredients are local and the bread is home made! It explained why the bread for the sandwich was so good! This motivates us to try the desert. Our waitress told us that the Peanut Butter Pie was a special recipe and we also debated for the Avocado Brownie. So, we tried both! The results exceed our expectations: the Peanut Butter Pie was just amazing and is just excellent with a scoop of ice cream! The brownie was also a blast, very tasty and interesting – using avocado to bake a brownie is not usual!

Before taking off, the owner gives us a taste of its wings and its secret sauce! As an previous owner of a Pittsburgh restaurant, he told us that wings was one of its specialty! He then brings us a couple of its wings so that we can try. The sauces were delicious and give us the idea that we have to come back to try the other menu items.

What he said

Good food, good drink, good people, what can you ask for? This place is just a blast: simple, not pretentious at all, you can enjoy good (and healthy) food at a reasonable price. You can either stay at the bar and discuss with the waitress or sit with your friends and be more relax. The food is delicious and we can’t wait to come back and discover other menu items.

What she said

She is quiet for now …

The Dish Cafe - Daniels, WV

… and to make long story short …

  • Pros: local food, mostly organic, hand made bread, reasonable price
  • Cons: they were closed on Sunday so I will have to wait to come back!


  • Name: Dish Cafe
  • Type: sandwich, good food, good drinks and friendly people!
  • Items under review: Roasted Porketta, Advocado Brownie and Rachel’s Peanut Butter Pie
  • Location: Daniels, WV
  • Website:
  • Date: March, 21 2014

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