Triangle Bar & Grill

The Story

After a thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, we were not hungry until the day after at … 4pm. Then, our stomach were crying, asking for food ! We were looking at different place in the neighborhood, but, because of the Thanksgiving Holiday, many places were closed ! We decide to give a try to a famous sandwich place in Swissvale: Triangle Bar and Grill !

The place seems clean and offers different sandwiches with a limited selection of beers (most of the well-known brands). It looks very old school which can be weird at first, but, after a couple of minutes, you are used to it. The place is famous for the battleship, a sandwich that can feed a whole African country for several meal. While it seems it built the reputation of the place, it seems that they are obviously many other reasons to go there (such as a basic one: good and tasty sandwiches !).

The takeaway

What he said

The beer selection is very limited. Miller lite, Yuengling and … this is almost it! On the other hand, the sandwich are very good and the basic (Italian) sandwich is very basic but worth it ! If you are looking for quick and good food, this is a good place to try !

What she said

“YUM!” …that’s what she said. Triangle creates perfectly proportioned sandwiches with quality ingredients. It’s a the simple sandwich art of a bygone era. This place is old school. This place is cool. Go, and you will experience the simple pleasure of a humble mill town, a good sandwich.  Don’t go for beer, unless you want a 40 of Old E (it’s ok. We don’t judge) . This place still thinks that there is no, good, local beer. Most of Swissvale seems to falsely believe the same thing. Maybe ask, at least, for a Penn Brewery beer. If we all do it, maybe they’ll catch on one day and go more local.

… and to make long story short …

  • Pros: good basic sandwich, clean place
  • Cons: limited beer selection


  • Name: Harri’s Grill
  • Type: beer, sandwhich and good
  • Items under review: Torpedo, cheese steak sandwich
  • Location: swissvale
  • Date: November, 29 2013

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