Salt of the Earth

The Story

This was a long working day. I stayed with my guests until late and, at the end of the day, planned to bring them in a good location. Somebody recommended the Salt of the Earth and it seems to be a nice place for business dinner in Pittsburgh. It appears that this place was first designed with a famous chef, the type of guy we can see in TV shows. This is exactly that I dislike: people that seems to be well-known and try to make a place famous and expensive just by a reputation built on potentially not-obvious criteria (being in a TV show does not make you a good chef, right?). This is exactly what I dislike in France as well: fancy restaurants are built on a reputation and not real facts (and it fact, the real good restaurants/gens will be in lost and unpretentious area …). But it was recommended and I can be wrong, so, if this is such a good place, why not try it?

As people told me this is a very slow service, I headed there around 06pm and start my journey … We start with the drinks and having the drinks in our hands took approximately 30 minutes. Then, we order the starters and the main dishes. Even if the food is good and tasty, portions are very small. I tried the sashimi, the hanger steak and the Choucroute. Good food, but really overpriced ($14 for six pieces of Sashimi and over $30 for a steak without any side!).

The drink selection is quite good but also on the expensive side as well. Beers are mostly locals and wine from different places all over the world.

The takeaway

Good dishes I could do myself as long as you give me the right ingredients. Nothing to really write home about: the real secret if to be able to get the right ingredients. Then, cook them right with tasty butter and you can do the same. If you are looking for a fancy and pretentious place to date a girl and make her feel she is special and deserve an expensive meal and drink, go for it. Otherwise, head to a better place, there are nice places around the Burgh that are as good in terms of food and more casual and less pretentious.


What he said

Food is good, tasty but comes in small portion and totally overpriced! The secret here is in getting the right ingredients, and this is exactly what good cook will tell you: you cannot build a good meal with crappy ingredients! This just makes sense and you cannot build a house under bad foundations. However, even if good ingredients come at a cost, there is no obvious reason to make these dishes so overpriced. And this is exactly the flaw of such a place: they should promote good food and make it accessible by allowing people to enjoy it at a reasonable price! Unfortunately, this is why good food is so often associated (with reason) with pretentious places and people.

If you are looking for a good food at an affordable price, go to Butterjoint (the bar of Legume), have a beer and share a burger with a friend. You will then have good food in a nice place while not spending your whole paycheck.

What she said

She is quiet for now! In fact, she did not come here that night!

… and to make long story short …

  • Pros: good ingredients
  • Cons: loud, pricy, small portion


  • Name: Salt of the Earth
  • Type: Pretentious and pricy
  • Items under review: Sashimi (starter), Hanger (main) and Choucroute (main)
  • Location: Garfield
  • Date: March, 05 2014
  • URL:

Salt of the Earth on Urbanspoon


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