Stone Neapolitan Pizzeria

The Story

This was a cold Thursday, we went to the downtown area and had a look at the restaurant week deals. There was this pizzeria place that sounds good! So, we decided to go there and enjoy some slices with a salad, good beers and potentially good company! The place itself is hard to find – next to the Point State Park – but definitively worth it! The pizzas are very good and the salad with a good size without being too big. The crust of the pizza is pretty thin and the toppings very good and tasty. You can get a beer but no beer on tap – everything is in bottles.

The takeaway

Good pizzas, good beers (even if no draft …), what can you ask for? A better location, a place more casual and/or lovely you can have some privacy: while the food is really good, this is more a friendly place and not somewhere you bring your date!


What he said

If you are in the downtown area and are looking for a good and simple pizza place, go for it! If you want to bring your new girlfriend, you better go somewhere else! Other than that, this is a very friendly, fairly priced with very good food!


What she said

She is quiet for now!

… and to make long story short …

  • Pros: good pizza with thin crust, good beer
  • Cons: loud place, location, no draft


  • Name: Stone Neapolitan Pizzeria at River Vue
  • Type: Pizza and Salad
  • Items under review: Prosciutto e Funghi Pizza, Antipasto salad and Caesar salad
  • Location: downtown
  • Date: January, 16 2013
  • URL:

Stone Neapolitan Pizzeria at River Vue on Urbanspoon


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