Harris Grill

The Story

This was after a night-run in the city. We decided to go to Harri’s Grill in order to refuel our bodies. Once arriving, we waited for a table. As we were a group of almost 10, it took a while, approximately 20 minutes. In the meantime, we waited at the bar with a beer. The beer selection is long and impressive, with many (many) options.

Once seated, we ordered the Pulled Pork Sandwich. We ordered it on a pretzel. One friend of ours ordered the Mac & Cheese and we tried it. The sandwich was normal, nothing really special. The pretzel was really not fresh and rather somethign that came from the freezer and that was not correctly defrost. The fries were ok, nothing special as well. The Mac & Cheese was really good, although pretty heavy.

The takeaway

What he said

Good beer selection, average food. A nice place to hang out in Shadyside, but more for casual discussion with a drink rather than having good food. Go for it if you are with a friend but avoid it for a romantic date!

What she said

I like it, despite the stale bun that they used for my sandwich. I forgive that just once. Otherwise, the beer selection was decent and the food was good. It’s a great place to share laughs, beers, and a bite of decent bar food. It’s not the best that Pittsburgh has to offer, but for a neighborhood bar, it is a nice place to enjoy with friends.

… and to make long story short …

  • Pros: good beer selection, friendly
  • Cons: average food, noise


  • Name: Harri’s Grill
  • Website: http://www.harrisgrill.com
  • Type: beer, cocktail, restaurant
  • Items under review: Mac & Cheese, Pulled Pork Sandwich (called Aw, You’re Pullin’ My Pork)
  • Location: shadyside
  • Date: December, 19 2013

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