The Elbow Room

The Story

After a long day, many miles on the counter and several meetings, we wanted to refuel at a nice place. We got some coupons for the Elbow Room, so, why not stop by and have a taste? We arrived on a Wednesday night around 0830pm. Few folks were there and we choose to sit at the bar.

Having a look at the beer list, there are very few options … Miller Lite, Yuengling … two local beers but, compared to other bars, the selection is very poor. The wine list is better although not very impressive. Many wines are from the US, few selection from Europe (Italy, Spain, France).

For food, we ordered the Salmon Wrap with fresh cut fries. It was good but average: nothing to write home about. We try to finally give a chance to the desert list and order a brownie. Again, nothing special: the brownie had nothing special and could come from a pre-made package.

We had two coupons for wine and, as we paid, asked if the two coupons applied. The server refused to apply both and just applied one. We asked to split the bill and apply one coupon on each check and he refused.

To summarize, everything in this place is average: food, drinks and also the customer service. If you are looking for a special and good place, just go somewhere else!

The takeaway

What he said

Nothing to add: this place has nothing special and is just average. The price are not that bad but there are many other places that are more exciting than the Elbow Room. The only plus-side is that is it quiet, which can be nice if you are looking for a good spot around Shadyside. But if you are looking for good food and beers, just go to Harri’s Grill on Ellworth, this would definitively be a better bet!


What she said

She is quiet on that story for now 🙂

… and to make long story short …

  • Pros: quiet during week day
  • Cons: food average and nothing special, small beer list. Terrible customer service.


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