Mullin’s Dinner

The Story

After a long run, we end up by having breakfast at Mullin’s Dinner for refueling. The place seems very basic on the outside and, unless you are very hungry, does not seem like a good place for food. But, as we ran more than 10 miles, we were willing to give a try.

After entering, the waitress came. Not very friendly, she took our order. We chose the mushroom and cheese omelet with a side of sausage gravy. Coffee for drink, as we needed to be caffeinated after our effort. The food was pretty good, even if the sausage gravy was really salty (but this is gravy – what can you expect, right ?). On the overall, this is a nice place to have dinner as long as you do not ask for a beautiful environment.

The takeaway

What he said

If the food is good, the service is really terrible. The waitress are not friendly at all and you can wait several minutes before they come to take your order. Forget the coffee refill, you have to take the coffee pot by yourself to refuel your cup. So, come for the food but but not for the service ! The good side? You do not feel guilty if you do not have enough to leave a tip !

What she said

Just know this, the  waitress hates you. The troubleing thing is that the food is good. I have only ever ordered breakfast items, but I have been very happy with the quality of ingredients and the preparation. This isn’t fancy food, just simple and good food. Go, but sit at the bar where you may be treated with more consideration.

… and to make long story short …

  • Pros: basic good food
  • Cons: terrible service …


  • Name: Mullin’s Dinner
  • Type: Breakfast
  • Items under review: mushroom and cheese omlette with a side of sausage gravy
  • Location: north side
  • Date: November, 24 2013

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