The Story

It was a Friday night and we were late and hungry. We wanted to try Hough since a long time and thus, decided to go there. It was after 930pm, so, we called before to make sure the place was still open and we could get food and will not starve once we get there. Our waitress seats us quickly and we started with one beer. The beer menu is impressive for such a place in Greenfield, with many specials and micro-brewery. On the other side, they are quite expensive but it can be justified by the huge selection you can get.

The food menu is more or less similar by popular bar-food: sandwiches, salads, burgers, etc. Not very fancy but quite honest. W did not wait too long for food and the service was quite good.

The downside is the noise: the place is quite noisy with a very loud music. This is totally fine if you are going for beers with friends. On the other hand, it can be very inconvenient if you want to go for a date, discuss and have some privacy. This is not a major issue, you just have to be aware of it. The place itself is good with either table or bar seats. The service is friendly, quick and efficient.

The takeaway

What he said

We arrived there around 10pm and were happy they serve food. The pumpkin madness was supposed to be over but the draft list contains a lot of good pumpkin option, I was delighted to try some of them ! On the overall, the draft selection is impressive, with a lot of draft coming from micro brewery. On the other hand, the place is very noisy and this is difficult to discuss with some friends. This is a nice place to meet with some friends but not the kind you choose for a date.

I will probably give it a try again later but if I want good beers and good food, I will rather go to the Penn Brewery, which is also more quiet and better to discuss with friends. But Hough can be convenient for other reason and offer other beers you cannot try elsewhere … so, going there is more a matter of your interest !

What she said

HEY! CAN YOU HEAR ME? That summarizes the social interaction you will experience at Hough’s, so go with someone you dread to hear speak.  As for the beer selection, it is good. I was pleased to see some of my favorite lesser known breweries listed. However, I was disappointed that the beers were a little out of age, offerings of Oktoberfest should be stopped in early October, and pumpkin beers should be wrapped-up by early November. So, while the list seemed a little aged, it was decent. For food, I had the brisket cheese steak and tater tots. The sandwich was delicious. I was delighted with the flavor and quality of ingredients. The tater tots were a second choice after hearing that the fries are not crispy. While I cannot confirm that the fries are crispy, it is disappointing to hear that the cooks don’t know how to make a proper french fry… Culinary Arts 101. I hope they figure it out, but since I did not want to eat potato worms, tater tots were the side dish. What can I really say about tater tots. They are exactly as you would expect if you ever dumped a bag of the frozen nuggets onto a baking sheet and warmed it to 350 for XX amount of time. In summary, have a sandwich and a beer, and take ear plugs.

… and to make long story short …

  • Pros: long selection of beer, rotation of the draft list
  • Cons: very noisy, beer on the expensive side


  • Name: Hough
  • Type: Tap Room/Pub and Restaurant
  • Items under review: brisket sandwich and tatter tots
  • Location: greenfield
  • Date: November, 1 2013
  • URL: http://www.houghspgh.com/

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