The Story

After our Saturday usual run, we go for breakfast and decided to try Nadine’s. This place has been on the Show Diners, Drive-In and Dives on Food Network. Usually, this is not an obvious good criteria but it gives us the idea to give it a try. We ordered some coffee with different omelets: the western and the ham and cheese. Nothing to say: simple food, very tasty. Making breakfast food is quite simple and easy. But there are a lot of people that screw it and make it bad ! Nadine’s is this type of place where they do it right and are enjoying serving food to their community.

About the place, it seems to be very popular with a bunch of people. The service is very friendly but you will wait some time before being served as there are a lot of customer and … food needs some time to be prepared ! On the other hand, you will have a very good and tasty meal.


The takeaway

What he said

This is exactly the type of place I like : simple food that tastes good with a friendly service. Nothing fancy, just simple stuff that is correctly done and served. I did not look at the beer list as I came for breakfast but I would not expect something very special or fancy with special drafts and have rather a list that includes the most common products (Miller, Bud, etc.). On the other hand, it does not matter for breakfast and the coffee is really good.

Will I come back to this place ? Sure, probably to try their sandwich and see if they are as good as their breakfast !

What she said

Mmmm…. butter, glorious butter.  At Nadine’s they do not skimp on the butter. So, if you are on a diet, then stay home. This restaurant does what a restaurant should do- they make the food taste good and at this restaurant, butter is the favorite secret ingredient. Ok, it isn’t so secret when you see it melted and glistening atop an omelette.  Specifically, I ordered a western omelette. The western omelette includes ham, onions, and green peppers. The omelette was satisfying, and the ingredients were well-prepared. The butter was a teeny bit excessive though, even for as much as I enjoy it.  I was most pleased with the warm, welcoming, and friendly service. Overall, I was pleased and would return to try other menu items.

… and to make long story short …

  • Pros: good service, good food, friendly place
  • Cons: not kid-friendly with limited seating



  • Name: Nadine’s
  • Type: Bar and Restaurant
  • Items under review: western omelet, cheese & ham omelette
  • Location: south side
  • Date: November, 2 2013
  • URL:

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One thought on “Nadine’s

  1. OMG…..the food here is just awesome. Try to get dinner here before Penguin home games. Home-cooked right before your eyes!!! Can’t go wrong….tasty, well-prepared, not skimpy, & very, reasonable. Can’t wait to get back!!!

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