The Story

A friend of ours wanted to meet and watch the Pirates game while we enjoy a good burger. Why not – burger, wine and beers ? We are here ! We arrived and started with some wine. Robert picked some beers from the list. Some local options are available. We tried the Shroom burger which is a big burger filled with mushroom. As a side, we took the fries with truffles and cheese. We also tried the Cajun Tater Tots.

Before dinner, as my Mom always said: “Wash your hands”. Unfortunately, at BRGR, there is no way to comply with Mummy’s advices as there was no soap in the bathroom. Not a problem, it will add some additional flavor to the burger ! Hopefully, the service as really quick and the burger arrived in a couple of minutes. Unfortunately, if you are a slow eater, the burger is so full of fat that the fat spread over the paper. This is probably the side item as the burger does not come with any side at all.

From a quality point of view, the burger is average, nothing really special about it. It is very salty and I did not really enjoy it. The fries are also average, nothing really special about, as the place.

The takeaway

What he said

The place is not very clean, the burger is typical of what you can find in most of the burger places. Nothing really special that may attract you. If you are looking for a good burger, there are many other places to go around the burgh that are really better for the taste and the price.

What she said

What can one expect at a dining establishment so lacking in originality that even the name is a ripoff? Not much. This was my third time dining at BRGR. After the first experience I held little hope that the place would ever live up to a reasonable standard. It has not disappointed me.  For my third dining experience I, again, ordered a burger. I chose the ‘Shrooms burger. The quality of the meat is good, but that is about as good as it gets. The meat did not rest before being plated resulting in my burger dumping its juice and creating a greasy-bun soup neatly cupped by the parchment lined basket.  Atop the burger were forest mushrooms, caramelized onions, brie cheese, and mustard aioli. While the ‘Shroom burger’s combination of toppings sounds delicious, the vinegar used to make the mustard aioli was overpowering.  Sadly, none of the subtle flavors of the mushrooms, onions or cheese could be discerned from the intense flavor of vinegar.  Our table also ordered fries and tater tots to share.  Both of the sides were served in a funnel shaped cone, which made sharing the tiny portions difficult, and the quality reminded me of the overworked single mom kind of menu. As for the beer list, which one would anticipate its being extensive given the nature of the restaurant, it was wholly disappointing.  There was not a local seasonal beer on the list.

BRGR is the kind of place you find in a hotel.  All elements are overpriced for the quality, The kitchen clearly lacks basic cooking knowledge, and there is nothing interesting about the food or beer list. However, it is unlikely that you’ll walk away with food poisoning, despite the lack of soap in the bathroom.

On the bright side, the ownership has created a very nice wine list, most likely a crossover from Spoon. Next time, I’ll have a glass of wine and enjoy the company of my friends sans the overpriced burger.

… and to make long story short …

  • Pros: quick service
  • Cons: very salty, overpriced, limited beer option


  • Name: BRGR
  • Type: Burger
  • Items under review: the shroom burger and the brgr fries
  • Location: east liberty
  • Date: September 2013
  • URL:

BRGR on Urbanspoon


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