Sal’s City Deli

The Story

Saturday morning, after a 10 miles run, we go to Sal’s City Deli. We were first looking for a breakfast place in Downtown but it turns out that we did not find something really good. We find Sal’s City Deli that advertises breakfast outside but it seems that they serve breakfast only during week days until 0930am. Even if this is a little bit frustrating, it was already 1130pm and the sandwiches look great, so, let’s try it !

We ordered the Cuban sandwich with a cup of soup (Chicken Noodle). The sandwich was good, tasty with good ingredient. Hopefully, considering the size, we split it between the two of us, which one more than enough to start the day. It also comes with a side of chips that are thick and tasty. The soup was really basic, not a great or bad thing.

We will probably come back later, there are definitively several option to try. Our server told us the Reuben is a very popular and, as a Reuben-fan, I think I have to try it. In addition, the desert list looks pretty good and it sounds worth to give it a try.

This place is probably not the one you want to bring my wife or date for a romantic experience. On the other hand, for a quick lunch or late breakfast, this is a good place to try in downtown, especially if you like sandwich.

The takeaway

This is what he said

The place is central in downtown and one would expect to have something low-key/low-quality. The sandwich are simple and good. Nothing fancy, and not overpriced: just tasty and reasonable. It seems that the beer selection is decent with a reasonable number of local options. I did not try since we were there for breakfast The place seems to be a good option to stop for a sandwich before going to the PNC park and being robbed by the food stands here.

This is what she said

After a late evening walk past Sal’s, I noticed a hanging sign promoting “Breakfast”. I was thrilled. The next day, the thought of a hot breakfast in downtown kept me mentally fueled for a long run in bitter cold temperatures. While I thought that Sal’s would be a breakfast oasis, upon seating the waitress clarified that breakfast is served only until 9:30 am on weekdays. The sound of my heart breaking was audible. While my thoughts ping-ponged between getting a coffee and going home or ordering lunch, my stomach  won- must eat. The first order was chicken noodle soup. The most accurate description can be summarized in one word, “Campbells.” while I can’t confirm that this was exactly the Campbell’s brand, it was an equal substitute. Next up was the Cuban sandwich. The sandwich was prepared with quality meats and a smart balance of ingredients. Overall, it was an enjoyable sandwich. While I would not return with an abundance of enthusiasm, I would consider returning to try the other sandwich offerings.

… and to make long story short … 

  • Pros: tasty ingredients, simple and good sandwich
  • Cons: Canned soup,no breakfast on weekends


  • Name: Sal’s City Deli
  • Type: deli – sandwich
  • Items under review: chicken noodle soup, cuban sandwhich
  • Location: downtown
  • Date: 10/16/2013
  • URL:

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